Corporate governance

Corporate Governance Guidelines

The board of directors of Bahrain Tourism Company is responsible formulating and maintaining effective and efficient corporate governance framework of the company. in order to achieve governance objectives efficiently and effectively company has devised the Corporate Governance Committee.

The company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance in its dealings with its various stakeholders.

Corporate governance is an integral part of the company’s core values, which is based on transparency, integrity, honesty and accountability.

Bahrain Tourism Company has identified the following as key principles of Corporate Governance.

  1. The company shall be headed by an effective, collegial and informed board.
  2. The directors and officers shall have full loyalty to the company.
  3. The board shall have rigorous controls for financial audit, internal control and compliance with law.
  4. The company shall have rigorous procedures for appointment, training and evaluation of the board.
  5. The company shall remunerate directors and officers fairly and responsibly.
  6. The board shall establish a clear and efficient management structure.
  7. The board shall communicate with shareholders and encourage their participation.
  8. Company shall disclose its corporate governance practices to shareholders and other stakeholders.