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Bahrain Tourism Company, P.O. Box: 5831, Kingdom of Bahrain ,Telephone: +973-17 530530, +973-17 531122 Fax: +973-17 530867E-mail: btc@alseyaha.com


Bahrain Tourism Company BSC (BTC) was established as a Bahraini shareholder company pursuant to Amiri Decree in 1974 for the purpose of building and investing in hotels and other tourism projects. The company’s major undertaking is the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and Bahrain Conference Center, Investments in properties, shares, managed funds and deposits and other activities now contribute significantly to profits. The company also owns and operates Bahrain Tourism Company travel division.

Bahrain Tourism Company has various types of investments which include subsidiary, Investments in Associates, Available for sale and Investment in Properties. Most of these investments are local and few of them overseas. These Investments contribute significantly to the bottom line of the Company.

Bahrain Tourism Co. is listed in the Bahrain Stock Exchange ( Bahrain Bourse) as well as a member of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry.